Innate Immunity and Mitochondria

16 September 2022
16-AM-Plenary 08:30 > 10:00 Innate Immunity and Mitochondria Athena Auditorium

08:30 MITOS1L1 The integrated stress response in mitochondrial cardiomyopathy > T. Thomas LANGER (Cologne, Germany) 09:00 MITOS1L2 Immune mediated disease pathogenesis in Leigh syndrome > S. Simon JOHNSON (Seattle, Usa) 09:30 MITOS1L3 Nuclear Sensing of Breaks in Mitochondrial DNA Enhances Immune Surveillance > M. Marco TIGANO (Philadelphia, Usa) 09:45 MITOS1L4 Cell lineage-specific distribution of pathogenic mtDNA mutations in the immune system and purify selection during the adaptive immune response > J. Jingdian ZHANG (Stockholm, Sweden)
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