Mitochondria and muscle

15 September 2022
15-PM-PLENARY-2 15:00 > 17:00 Mitochondria and muscle Apollon Auditorium

15:00 S19L1 Mechanisms of mitochondrial myopathy: mosaic stress responses, metabolic remodeling and curable NAD-deficiency > A. Anu SUOMALAINEN 15:45 S19L2 Regulation of skeletal muscle bioenergetics through mitochondrial calcium during exercise and aging > J. Jerome FEIGE 16:15 S19L3 Structural heterogeneity of the human respiratory chain > C. Cristina UGALDE 16:30 S19L4 OMA1 mediates local and global stress responses against protein misfolding in CHCHD10 mitochondrial myopathy > D. Derek NARENDRA 16:45 S19L5 Efficacy and genetic safety of deoxyribonucleosides as a therapy for mitochondrial DNA replication defects caused by mutations in genes involved in mtDNA maintenance > J. Javier RAMÓN
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