Development, regeneration & ageing (part 3)

Tuesday, September 13, 2022
13-PM-Parallel-2 4:30 PM > 6:00 PM Development, regeneration & ageing (part 3) Athena Auditorium

4:30 PM S8L1 Dissecting stem cell regulation in skeletal muscle regeneration and aging through single - cell transcriptomics > B. Benjamin COSGROVE (Ithaca, Usa) 5:00 PM S8L2 Preliminary results of a multiparametric quantitative NMR ageing study at rest and during exercise in the lower leg in healthy subjects between 20 and 65 years of age. > A. Alfredo LOPEZ KOLKOVSKY (Paris, France) 5:15 PM S8L3 The histone variant H2A.Z prevents accumulation of DNA damage and acts as a gatekeeper for skeletal muscle aging > L. Laurent SCHAEFFER (Lyon, France) 5:30 PM S8L4 The spectrum of IL-6 actions in healthy and bad aging and in muscle diseases > A. Antonio MUSARÒ (Roma, Italy) 5:45 PM S8L5 Therapeutic approach based on GDF5 to counteract age-related muscle wasting > M. Massiré TRAORE (Paris, France)

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