Lessons from the pandemic

Tuesday, September 13, 2022
13-AM-Parallel-1 10:30 AM > 12:00 PM Lessons from the pandemic Athena Auditorium

10:30 AM S3L1 COVID-19 and Myositis-a relevant problem ? > W. Werner STENZEL (Berlin, Germany) 11:00 AM S3L2 Telemedicine to overcome barriers in NMD- myths and realities > G. Gabriele SICILIANO (Pisa, Italy) 11:30 AM S3L3 Evaluation of anti-SARs-CoV-2 vaccination efficacy in patients with severe neuromuscular diseases > A. Alexia DAMOUR (Bordeaux, France) 11:45 AM S3L4 Safety of COVID-19 vaccination in a large French cohort of neuromuscular patients: data from the VACNEMUS study > M. Marlène BARNAY (Bordeaux, France)

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