Neurodegeneration and Mitochondria

Friday, September 16, 2022
16-PM-Plenary 2:00 PM > 3:30 PM Neurodegeneration and Mitochondria Athena Auditorium

2:00 PM MITOS4L1 CHCHD10-related neurodegeneration: from gene to therapeutic approaches > V. Veronique PAQUIS-FLUCKLINGER (Nice, France) 2:30 PM MITOS4L2 Metabolic rewiring precedes OXPHOS dysfunction in a mutant CHCHD10 mouse model > G. Giovanni MANFREDI (New-York, Usa) 3:00 PM MITOS3L3 Mitochondrial dysfunction and Ca2+ dysregulation in COQ8A-Ataxia Purkinje neurons that can be rescued by CoQ10 treatment > H. Helene PUCCIO (Lyon, France) 3:15 PM MITOS4L4 Bi-allelic variants in TAMM41 are associated with low muscle cardiolipin levels leading to neonatal mitochondrial disease > R. Rob TAYLOR (Newcastle, Uk)

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